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Bailiwick News : October 2021

Asian Hornet Team locate the first Asian hornet nest to be found on Herm with help from public

On Friday 1 October, the Asian Hornet Team successfully treated and removed a medium-sized Asian hornet nest from a bank of brambles, just inland from Belvoir beach on Herm. This is the first Asian hornet nest ever found on Herm Island.

The Asian Hornet Team had been investigating reports from visitors who had noticed hornets at different places around the island, including the garden at the Mermaid tavern, the coastal footpath and Belvoir beach. More Here

Lateral flow testing for ‘blue’ arrivals from the UK, Jersey, Ireland and IoM to end on 20 October

Friday 01 October 2021

From the 20 October, it will no longer be a requirement for those travelling into the Bailiwick from the Common Travel Area as ‘blue’ arrivals to purchase and complete a course of lateral flow tests.

The Civil Contingencies Authority has agreed this, although it stresses that in the unlikely event that the situation seriously deteriorates before the 20 October, it will review this decision. Read More here

The Guernsey Party

Press Release – 8th September 2021

From: The Guernsey Party – press@theguernseyparty.org
Deputy Liam McKenna has opted to resign from the Party and to return to being an
independent politician, having originally been elected as an independent before subsequently
joining the Party. Deputy McKenna leaves with the very best wishes of the Party.

States of Guernsey moves into next stage of Public Service Reform

Monday 06 September 2021

The States of Guernsey has reached an important milestone in its programme of Public Service Reform.

Having made significant improvements in its technology and digital capability, the Reform programme will now see engagement begin with employees across the civil service on a restructuring to create improved and more efficient services. Read More Here

The Guernsey Party

Press Release – 6th September 2021
From: The Guernsey Party – press@theguernseyparty.org

Ahead of the forthcoming debate of the Tax Review Green Paper, published by the Policy &
Resources Committee, The Guernsey Party wishes to make its position very clear.
The Party has never supported introducing a GST and its stance has not

The Green Paper only deals with options as to how between £69m and £79m of additional tax revenue might potentially be raised if, and only if, extra tax revenue is in fact required to be raised. Consequently, the Party views the Tax Review Green Paper as a Plan B, but Plan A
must be pursued first. Plan A is to make savings, reduce the cost of government, cease taking on any new uncosted obligations and explore all alternative revenue-raising opportunities including economic growth before even considering any tax increases. The Party is fully committed to these objectives.

If, and only if, a shortfall remains after exploring all opportunities under Plan A, and only if the Party is fully satisfied that no stone has been left unturned by the Assembly in relation to cutting costs, will the Party be prepared to consider any tax increases and that is only because at that point it would be fiscally reckless to leave the States budget unbalanced.

Deputy Mark Helyar, the Party’s political leader who is also the treasury lead on P&R and is charged with presenting the Green Paper on behalf of P&R, fully accepts that the Party’s members will not support the introduction of GST, while the Party’s members fully recognise that Deputy Helyar may have a duty to support P&R’s Green Paper.

Winners of ‘The 2021 Bailiwick School Eco Challenge’ Announced!

29th July 2021

Students from La Mare de Carteret, Castel and St Mary & St Michael Primary Schools have been confirmed as winners of the Bailiwick School Eco Challenge 2021 run by Guernsey Electricity and Guernsey Post.

The competition, which is in its second-year challenges students to think of innovative ideas to improve their schools’ sustainability.  

The challenge launched in April and received nearly 70 entries from across the Island. Students were asked to submit drawings of their designs and an explanation of how they would be implemented.  Read More Here

Health & Social Care Bursary 2021 launch

Friday 27 August 2021

Bailiwick Health and Social Care workers are again being encouraged to bring forward their ideas to enhance local health and social care provision with the return of the Insurance Corporation Health & Social Care Bursary. With the annual event unable to go ahead last year due to COVID pressures, the Insurance Corporation is pleased to bring the bursary back in 2021, the 30th anniversary of its inception.

Read More here bit.ly/3BlZXEX

Change in Chief Executive

Paul Whitfield OBE is to move on from his role as States of Guernsey Chief Executive.

The Policy & Resources Committee has expressed its thanks to Mr Whitfield for his significant contribution to the States of Guernsey.

Mr Whitfield said:

‘I have just returned from… more

New filter to be installed at St Andrew’s Road / Candie Road / La Vassalerie crossroads

Tuesday 24 August 2021

A new filter-in-turn will be installed on Tuesday 31 August, weather permitting, as a traffic calming measure to improve safety at the St Andrew’s Road / Candie Road / La Vassalerie crossroads (also known as the Chainhouse crossroads). Read More here on gov.gg

The North Show Guernsey and Battle Of Flowers

“Bring forth the North”




The Guernsey North Show and Battle of Flowers, run by the Northern Agricultural and Horticultural Society, has for many years been a major event in Guernsey’s Summer Calendar.

The Show has its roots in Guernsey’s traditional industries of Agriculture and Horticulture. Since the South Show went indoors, the North is one of only two remaining outdoor events of its type in Guernsey, the other being the West. The West Show folk would like to think that “west is best”, a convenient rhyming slogan, but of course we in the north think that our show is the best of all. As they are on in consecutive weeks in August, maybe you should try all three! More information on their website here

Policy & Resources hopes for full and candid debate as Tax Review is published

Tax Review – Policy Letter

Press Release from www.gov.gg

Friday 20 August 2021

The Policy & Resources Committee is formally publishing its Tax Review ‘green paper’ for the States Assembly to debate in September. Guernsey faces major financial challenges which urgently need to be addressed. The Committee is presenting the Review in order to allow a full, open debate.

Start of the academic year provides widespread testing opportunity

Friday 20 August 2021 Press Release from www.gov.gg

As students and staff prepare to return to education settings at the start of September, a testing programme for COVID-19 is being put in place.

The phased changes to border restrictions have increased the number of people travelling into and out of the Bailiwick over the summer. As a community we do need to accept that we will see cases of COVID-19 and we may see cases cropping up in schools and education settings. That being said, before everyone returns to education settings next month, we have an opportunity to do widespread COVID-19 testing of all students and teachers with the aim of reducing the risk of infection. This is part of the surveillance programme which is being supported by Education with clinical direction and oversight from Public Health.

Temporary travel measures for Jersey arrivals to end on Monday 23 August

Friday 20 August 2021 Press Release from www.gov.gg

The Civil Contingencies Authority has agreed that temporary rules putting additional pre-travel testing requirements on arrivals from Jersey into the Bailiwick of Guernsey will not be required from Monday 23 August.

Jersey arrivals will now need to observe the same travel requirements for other travellers from the Common Travel Area.  This means those who arrive with a recognised proof of vaccination (as described at https://covid19.gov.gg/guidance/vaccine/passports) will be treated as ‘blue channel’ travellers.  This means they will not need to self-isolate when they arrive but they will be required to complete a course of five Lateral Flow Tests.

August 10, 2021 From https://disabilityalliance.org.gg/


The Committee for Health & Social Care (HSC) is inviting comments on the draft of The Capacity (Lasting Powers of Attorney) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance, 2021. The GDA has been asked for its comments on the draft legislation.

See letter from HSC to the GDA by clicking below:

2021-08 Capacity Law Consultation Letter LPAs draft Ordinance – GDA (002)

See the draft Ordinance by clicking below:

The Capacity (Lasting Powers of Attorney) draft Ordinance 2021

If you want to look at the States website for the consultation click on the button below: States Website Read More